What is a Tablingual?

A Tablingual is a micro-dosed cannabis orodispersible tablet (ODT). ODTs have gained a popularity over the past decade and were designed to deliver an active compound through a sublingual route of administration. We have applied this technology to the Tablingual to deliver unique cannabis formulations with precision. The Tablingual offers access to unique cannabinoids in a standardized 3mg tablet. Fast-acting, Tablinguals dissolve under the tongue and allow you to have a more consistent and controlled experience.

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How do you take a Tablingual?

Place the Tablingual under your tongue or between the gum and cheek. Onset time is typically within five minutes to 20 minutes to experience the full effect.

How long do they last?

The duration is typically around an hour. But our bodies are unique and so are our experiences, so they may vary slightly. We always recommend starting low (in terms of dose), and going slow – it’s the best way to learn what works best for your body.

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Why take a Tablingual?

Easy to use. Easy to dose. Easy to carry. Easy to titrate. The Tablingual provides a standardized, precise dose that is infinitely customizable, providing unlimited potential to mix-and-match for a custom experience.


What can I expect?

Although the Tablingual is an effective and trusted method of delivery, it is a gentle experience. Cannabis is a journey. As powerful and amazing as cannabis is, it will not make all symptoms simply disappear. What cannabis will do is help the body self-address the issues at hand. It will also take the “edge” off of most pain, anxiety, and insomnia, so we can help ourselves. Microdosing at 3 mg per Tablingual allows an individual to gain experience in a controlled manner.