What is a Protab?


A Protab is an orally administered 25mg tablet with an active cannabinoid dose targeted for stronger, longer lasting effects.


Naturally Produced,
Scientifically Perfected


Why take a Protab?


There are a variety of medicinal and recreational reasons to take Protabs, some of which include: anxiety relief, an elevated mood, or use as a sleep aid.


What are all these other cannabinoids?


While THC and CBD are familiar to most cannabis users, the plant makes a plethora of other cannabinoids in various amounts. These others cannabinoids each have unique effects and properties. But most exciting, is that they play well together! So mix and match and have fun.

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How do you take a Protab?


Protabs are best swallowed with water so that the unique flavor profiles can be tasted. Protabs are scored and can easily be split in two for an even more precise dosage.