LEVEL is a cannabinoid company that facilitates custom cannabis experiences for our patients and consumers. Developed and manufactured in San Francisco, LEVEL’s products are founded in unique and rare cannabinoids. This approach allows individuals to discover the untapped potential of cannabis. Cannabis is a journey. LEVEL’s mission is to create the toolkits needed to embark on your individual cannabis journey.


It is widely known that cannabis offer numerous compounds that aide in our well-being and happiness. LEVEL honors the integrity of the plant, by presenting it to you without added chemicals. Our farmers don’t use pesticides and we test all our oils before packaging to ensure they’re pesticide free. We never add adulterants, or harmful chemicals in processing.


LEVEL offers unique combinations for you to tune your experience with cannabis and discover new sensations and effects. Our collective passion, adherence to consistent lab processes, and a deep respect for the cannabis plant create a synergy that results in a product line unlike anything else on the market. High quality, unadulterated, unique and rare blends at your fingertips.


At LEVEL, we understand that trust is a critical component to our growth, as a business, and as an industry. Creating a consistent product that results in the same great experience for you every time will encourage bold exploration of new formulations and new favorites. We follow the highest lab process standards so that every batch is consistently excellent in quality and effect.


If you have questions about LEVEL products or orders, email us. We strive to return emails within one day.

Q: What strains are your products?
A: SPARK is Jack Herer
ELEVATE is Blue Dream
FLOAT is Sour Red Hindu Kush in the cartridge and UK Cheese in the Pod
DISSOLVE is a proprietary blend of terpenes
CONNECT is Sour Diesel
REMEDY 1:1 is Sour Dream
REMEDY 3:1 is Blue Dream


Q: What ingredients are in your products?
A: LEVEL is obsessed with the quality of product we create.  We care what we put into our bodies, so we only manufacture products that we ourselves will consume. All of our products are made from pesticide free, sun grown cannabis.  We reinfuse our distilled cannabis oil with steam distilled cannabis terpenoids. The only components used in our vape products are completely derived from the cannabis plant.  You can rest assured that there are no additives or non-cannabis derived compounds in our vape products.
Q: Are your cartridges wick or wickless?
A: Our cartridges use the finest organic cotton wicks.
Q: How long does a cartridge last?
A: This depends on usage. On average customers get 200 doses from a 500mg cartridge.
Q: What is the difference between the cartridges and the pods?
A: The cartridges and pods contain the exact same oil and terpene profiles. The only exception is FLOAT which is Sour Red Hindu Kush in the cartridge and UK Cheese in the Pods. The only other difference is the platform they are on.
Q: What is THC?
A: Short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, this is the main psychoactive part of the plant.
Q: Do I need a doctor’s recommendation?
A: No, any adult over 21 in San Francisco may order online.
Q: How long will it take my order to arrive?
A: Orders arrive within 2 hours of completing your online order.
Q: Where and when do you delivery?
A:  Anywhere within San Francisco city limits, 7 days a week, 10am-6pm. More locations in California will be coming online in the near future, so check back often!
Q: Is it discrete?
A: Yes, very. Your order will arrive in a opaque paper bag with your name written on it.
Q: Who will deliver my order?
A: One of our very professional delivery drivers.
Q: I have a question about my order. What should I do?
A: Email support@levelblends.com and we’ll get back to you right away!