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This Guy Wants To Hack Your High With Rare Cannabinoids

“If THC and CBD are the salt and pepper of weed, rare cannabinoids are everything else. LEVEL’s Chris Emerson, Ph.D. explains why you should try them all.”



Check out Proper’s feature on LEVEL Chief Scientist Chris Emerson Ph.D., and his approach and methodology for diving deeper into unique and rare cannabinoids.

“At a time when just about everyone set their sights on increasing THC levels (often at the cost of other cannabinoids), Emerson and his team realized you could only do so much with this approach. “We hypothesized we wouldn’t be able to get to unique or different effects from cannabis if we were playing with the same cannabinoids,” he said. To put this into perspective, imagine a world in which chefs season their food with only salt and pepper. Would you still expect to have a wildly different experience from one restaurant to another? In reality, chefs have hundreds of spices at their disposal, some of which are easier to access than others. Similarly, cannabis plants produce more than 65 known cannabinoids, THC and CBD being the most abundant.”



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