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Cannabis is a journey of discovery, and a core tenet of LEVEL is to create unique formulations that help facilitate your goals and desired effects. Whether that’s managing chronic pain, relieving anxiety, spurring creativity or reaching an elevated social state, the scope of our products are designed to reach anyone from a novice microdoser to those seeking high-dose solutions. Because our bodies and our experiences with cannabis are so individual and unique, our product line reflects that. Keeping the multi-faceted needs of a consumer, we are proud to introduce the Protab to the LEVEL family. The Protab is a 25mg oral tablet, infused with steam distilled cannabis terpenoids. It is available in seven unique formulations: Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, THCA, CBD and CBG.

The Protab is scored so that you can split the tablet into two 12.5mg doses for your custom needs. The Protab typically dissolves in the stomach in sixty seconds or less with onset time within thirty minutes. This product is designed for those seeking an extra strength, yet precise and standardized dose for a controlled experience. Find all our Protab formulations here!

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